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本文摘要:History is filled with great, enduring love stories, from Napoleon and Josephine to Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson.Here are some of history’s most consequential trysts:历史上写满了精彩,隽永的爱情故事。


History is filled with great, enduring love stories, from Napoleon and Josephine to Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson.Here are some of history’s most consequential trysts:历史上写满了精彩,隽永的爱情故事。从拿破仑与约瑟芬的故事到爱德华王子与华里丝-辛普森的故事。下面这些故事都曾对历史进程产生根本性影响:1. Mary Godwin Percy Bysshe Shelley 戈德温-玛丽与珀西-比希-雪莱One of the great unions of literary history began in 1814, when the 16-year-old Mary Godwin and the dreamy, but very married, 21-year-old romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley met in secret at the grave of Mary’s famous suffragette mother, Mary Wollstonecraft. There, as Mary later recounted, the two touched each other with the “full ardour of love,” an ardor that would eventually leave the aspiring writer pregnant and Shelley estranged from his wife。


在那里,据玛丽之后回想,两个“怀著满怀爱恋”的人儿有了肌肤之亲。这份爱恋最后让这位有志向的女作家分娩了,而雪莱与妻子的关系日益亲近。The 了Fallout: The lovers were married a few years later after Shelley’s pregnant wife drowned herself in Hyde Park, but their tumultuous partnership ended when the poet drowned a few years later. Still, it would produce some literary masterpieces, including Mary’s classic Frankenstein, which she conceived while on holiday in Switzerland with Shelley and Lord Byron in 1816.结局:雪莱的妻子怀著怀孕在海德公园投水自缢。数年之后,雪莱和玛丽这对情人成婚了。


2. Catherine the Great Grigory Potemkin 叶卡捷琳娜女皇与格里高利-波将军Every great empress needs a counselor, military strategist, soul mate and boy toy, or, in the case of Grigory Potemkin, one man capable of wearing all of those hats. Catherine the Great first encountered the dashing Potemkin when the young commander (10 years her junior) helped the 33-year-old overthrow her disappointing husband, Czar Peter III,in 1762.每位最出色的女皇都会必须一名顾问,一位军事谋士,一个灵魂伴侣,再加一个男宠。而格里高利-波将军一人担任了这所有的角色。1762年他们第一次遇见了——当时33岁的皇后在这位骁勇的将领(比她年长10岁)的协助下,政治宣传了她那位不成气候的皇夫,沙皇彼得三世。


The Fallout: The coupling produced a powerful political alliance for decades. Yet even as Potemkin’s role at court expanded, he grew more marginalized in Catherine’s bedroom, increasingly relegated to the third wheel of a ménage à trois or consigned to the role of pimp, acquiring younger male specimens for one of the most powerful women in history。结局:这对佳偶在数十年间构成了一对强势的政治联盟。

可是,随着波将军在政坛上势力的扩展,他在叶卡捷琳娜女皇卧室里的地位却更加被边缘化,更加变为“三角家庭(ménage à trois)里的第三者,甚至被委任为拉皮条者,为这位历史上最有权力的女人收集更加年长的男子。3. Charles Dickens Nelly Ternan 查尔斯-狄更斯与娜莉-特南Even literary giants are not immune to the midlife crisis. By 1857, the 45-year-old Victorian novelist was at the height of his powers, a literary superstar — who was also married with nine children and living, by all appearances, a virtuous family life. Then he began an adulterous affair with Ellen “Nelly” Ternan, a gifted young actress in his employ who was just a year older than his 17-year-old daughter。


The Fallout: The affair proved the best and worst of times for the writer. Dickens’s marriage fell apart, but his 13-year relationship with Nelly continued until his death, though his tireless (and successful) efforts to keep his double life a secret may have hastened his demise. Nelly is believed to have inspired the dark secrets characteristic of his later novels and several of their characters, including Estella in Great Expectations。结局:这段恋情最后沦为作家一生中“最差的时代,同时也是最差劲的时代”(《双城记》)。尽管狄更斯不遗余力的为自己的婚外情生活激进秘密(并且顺利做了),但最后他的婚姻坍塌了,不过他与娜莉的爱情关系却持续了13年,以后他去世。


人们坚信,狄更斯后期作品中黑暗谜样的风格特征正是诗人受到娜莉影响的结果,同时娜莉还灵感狄更斯建构了许多文学形象,还包括《远大前程》中的伊思黛拉。4. Henry VIII Anne Boleyn 亨利八氏与安-波琳This historic pairing, portrayed in countless films, books and television shows, has long captured the public imagination, though the precise details of the courtship remain fuzzy。

这对具备历史影响的佳偶曾在电影、书籍和电视剧中被无数次刻画,持久更有着世人的想象,可是,他们关系的现实细节却仍然扑朔迷离。The Fallout: Henry’s attempt to legitimize his marriage to Anne would famously lead to England’s break from the Roman Catholic Church, while Anne’s brief stint as Henry’s second queen would lead to the birth of the future Elizabeth I and Anne’s ultimate beheading。

结局:亨利力图使自己与福的婚姻合法化,众所周知,于是以因为此才造成了英国与罗马天主教教廷的分道扬镳。而于是以因有了福作为亨利第二任皇后的一段时间生涯,才有了后来伊丽莎白女王一世的问世,也才有了福最后的被送上断头台的命运。5. Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton 伊莉莎白-泰勒与理查德-波顿It seems fitting that the famous Hollywood duo met while playing another famously doomed couple in Cleopatra (1963). Both Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were married to others at the time but the attraction was epic and a ferocious affair ensued。


The Fallout: The couple’s 10-year “marriage of the century” became the closest thing to reality television in the 1960s, a constant magnet for gossip and hordes of paparazzi. They would divorce in 1974, remarry the following year and divorce again shortly after that。结局:这对恋人维系了十年的“世纪婚姻”沦为了20世纪60年代最切合真人秀的爱情故事,它像磁铁一样大大更有着流言蜚语和无数的八卦新闻。





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